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We are committed to the growth of young artists.


Our Commitment

Imagination International, Inc. is a company driven by creative people who want to build a community of empowered artists. We create and distribute quality creative tools that expand the frontiers of art.

The future starts with our commitment to Youth Education. As a company founded by art educators, teaching young artists how to use a tool in a new way to make a personal, unique artistic creation gives us a deep joy that keeps giving. 


"For teachers, we have many products that are relevant to building creative exploration. Please take a moment to explore our brands and how they can change a student’s creative process. You can download free lesson plans as well as contact us directly for special educational pricing. We look forward to helping you inspire the next generation of artists."

Marianne Walker, Founder of iii Youth Ed Program

Marianne Walker of Imagination International Inc.

Get Creative in Class

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Why Choose Copic?

Copic is a true original. Copic refillable alcohol-based dye markers are the preferred choice by everyone from professionals to enthusiasts.

With a built-in color number system, it is easy (and fun) to teach color theory with Copic markers. Use the unique number system to teach value, hue, saturation, and intensity.


Copic markers are required at many top art schools across the country, from Art Center in LA to SCAD in Savannah, and from FIT in New York to the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

Artists at top companies like Nike, Lucas lm, and BMW use Copic markers for design sketches. Students interested in pursuing fields such as architecture, illustration, landscape design, or fashion will have the advantage if they have experience using Copic markers.

Encourage your students to explore the world of Copic markers while preparing for a career in the arts.

What is Thibra?

Designed for making costumes and sculptures, Thibra is an artist-grade thermoplastic that can be slumped, formed, or sculpted. Students love the instantly rewarding experience of sculpting with Thibra thermoplastic.

Thibra for Youth Education
youth ed theatre thibra

Heat, Shape, Paint

Shape and mold soft Thibra with bare hands or standard sculpting tools. Hardens in seconds when dipped in cool water. Completed projects paint easily with acrylics and retain fine details without being brittle. 

Thibra before and after

Teachers love Thibra

Teachers love that no scrap is wasted and mistakes can be reheated, no kiln needed. Heat with a heat gun or hot water, at 120º Thibra softens into a smooth plastic putty-like material.


Suggested for use with the DIY Paint System by Tommy Art, specially formulated to adhere to plastic, no primer needed.

Thibra Sculpting Handout.png

Free Lesson Plan

Download this free lesson plan on sculpting jewelry and accessories. 


What makes the Everyday Easel different?

Traditional easels hold paintings square and haven’t changed for centuries. For centuries, art teachers have taught people to turn their work to match natural arm movements. The two ideas have clashed

everyday easel in motion.png

Comfortably turn a canvas to any angle with our patented magnetic easel system. Easily adjust the easel to match the angle and body type of each user, no complex knobs or settings. The Everyday Easel works as a horizontal drafting table or as full-vertical easel, and every angle in-between. 


Better Glue is a safer glue

For 20 years Japanese teachers have used Better Ultimate Adhesive. Now available in the US, your classroom will love the durability of Better.


Better is preferred for adhering creative projects because of its strength, shock resistance, and versatility. Teachers love that it is non-toxic* and low VOC, with low odors.

*Better Glue is non-toxic to humans when used as directed.

Better Glue is a safer Glue

Experience X-Press It

X-Press It adhesives are an economical classroom choice for kids of all ages. Regular and High-Tack double-sided tapes are available in sizes from ¼” up to 4” wide, as well as large mounting sheets.

youth education xpress-it.jpg

Tapes tear by hand, with easy-peel backing. Many different creative products including decorative tapes, low-tack stencil sheets, glue pens, and more.

X-Press It Tape Adhesives.jpg

X-Press It Graphite Transfer Paper is a new twist on an old classic, being both erasable as well as working in an inkjet printer.


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