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Refill Your Passion with Copic.


Why Choose Copic?



Copic markers are refillable in a wide spectrum of 358 colors. With replaceable nibs and a marker-based airbrush system, Copic markers are ideal for all styles of art.



First widely adopted by the Japanese design & manga industry, Copic alcohol-based dye markers and all-purpose pens are the preferred tools of art professionals and enthusiasts across the world.

Teacher Resources



With a built-in color number system, learning color theory with Copic markers is fun. Also, demonstrate care and proper maintenance of art tools while your students learn to refill your classroom marker sets.

One Behavior Disorder student got the artistic recognition from a professional artist that just might have changed her world. To be told she had great talent was something she hardly ever hears. Art saves lives....just sayin’.
— Debbie Supplitt, Art Instructor at Tukes Valley Middle School in Battleground, WA

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