Tracing Memories

Turning Memories into Works of Art


The Story Behind Tracing Memories

Tracing Memories is based on a program developed over 15 years ago in Japan called Copic Art. People of all ages take classes or join clubs where members bring converted outlines of their personal photographs and color them under the guidance of an art teacher. 

The artwork created in such settings can serve many purposes: it can be given as a unique and personal gift, and it can also help the artist revisit a cherished memory. Copic art doesn't require finely-tuned drawing; you simply color what you see, making it as simple or as complex as you desire.

People of all ages and skill levels absolutely love the Tracing Memories program because of its simplicity makes engaging with art approachable, personal, and delightfully stress-reducing. Now, we've made Tracing Memories into a mobile app that brings the fun and relaxation right to your home. We know you will love it too!



The journey of creating art is as important as the finished product. Involve family members of all ages in the process for a relaxing social and stimulating activity. Spend as much or as little time as you like. Art is an interpretation of life, and what makes it special is how we treat it.

Coloring pictures from your own life will help to: 

  • Reinforce memories and improve mental acuity.

  • Improve observation skills as you invest more time and energy into a picture that has significance to you.

  • Reduce stress and increase relaxation.