DIY Paint Specialty Products

Transfer Gel

Tommy Art transfer gel is a matte, transparent medium suitable for transferring laser printed or photocopied images. It is also appropriate for use as an adhesive for paper. Tommy Art transfer gel can be mixed with powdered pigments to create transparent, colored glazes. 

Available in 4.7 FL OZ (140 ml) jar: $10.99 MSRP

3D Dust Crackle 

The 3-D dust crackle is a fine, white powder that is mixed with the colors of the Tommy Art DIY System to create captivating relief effects. We recommend mixing powder and color at a ratio of 1:1. Or try increasing the amount of powder to achieve more pronounced and crackling relief effects.

Available in 4.7 FL OZ (140 ml) jar: $12.99 MSRP

Acrylic Primer

Tommy Art acrylic primer is a water-based acrylic used to prime nonporous materials. We recommend using Acrylic Primer before our mineral paints for better adherence and when surfaces need to withstand everyday use. For best results, sand the surface before treating. 

Available in 4.7 FL OZ (140 ml) jar: $12.99 MSRP


Tommy Art coatings are semi-transparent, acrylic liquids. They are designed to be mixed with other colored coatings or with colors in the DIY Paint System. The coatings come in five different colors which are used for transparent and semi-transparent effects, while also serving as a protective finish.We recommend mixing at a coating to color ratio of 5:1 for pale colors and 10:1 for dark colors. For best results on wood, apply coating with the grain using a brush. 

Available in 4.7 FL OZ (140 ml) jar: $12.99 MSRP

Coatings: Neutral, White, Antiquing, Grey, Dove Grey