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DIY Paint Shine

Metallic Paint

Tommy Art metallic colors are ultra thick, shiny metallic paints available in five dazzling colors. They adhere to most surfaces without preparation. These metallic colors can be layered with Tommy Art chalk colors or thinned with water for glazing effects. 

Available in 4.7 FL OZ (140 ml) jar: $15.99 MSRP

Metallics include: Gold, Copper, Silver, Pearl, Bronze, Champagne

Sparkle Paint

Tommy Art sparkle paint is a pearlized liquid medium that can be mixed with any color in the Tommy DIY Paint System to create an iridescent glittering effect. For a clean, consistent color, we recommend mixing at a color to Sparkle Paint ratio of 5:1. Thin with water if you’d like and then sand it to reveal the sparkles. Always mix, shake or stir before use. For consistent color, mix well before use.

Available in 4.7 FL OZ (140 ml) jar: $15.99 MSRP