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A Revolutionary Filament

Thibra3D Skulpt is a revolutionary filament for achieving complete, clean and extremely smooth 3D printed creations. When heated it behaves like clay, allowing you to enhance or adjust your 3D prints—simply use a hot air gun. Imagine the time, material and frustration you will safe.


Eliminate unwanted lines, blobs and blemishes

Unlike other filaments you're not forced to start all over again when you’re not happy with results. Just add some heat to smooth out the issues or make changes. The possibilities are endless with Skulpt. Try it yourself!



  • Can be used on most common desktop FDM or FFF technology 3D printers

  • Low working temperature - 70 degrees Celsius (158  Fahrenheit) is ideal for modeling

  • Biodegradable and no odor upon heating

  • Cool colors - Achieve extreme clarity to forms and shadows

  • Easy to paint - Just degrease with soap and lukewarm water and go

  • Reusable - never dries out or cracks

  • Prints on glass and adheres well to a variety of “print stickers” and other bed adhesives 



Four colors


Skulpt White


Skulpt Black


Skulpt Copper


Skulpt Gold


Special Order only, minimum quantity requirement