DIY Pineapple Themed Wine Chiller and Coasters

Now that summer has arrived, our sales team decided to test out more Tommy Art and Better Glue to create some cool pineapple party decor. Aside from the extraordinary application of glue (bonding metal to ceramic), this project also demonstrates how the color mineral paint adheres to metal and ceramic with ease, along with a technique for using the transfer gel on wood.

Near the enterance of our warehouse building, the final result of our pineapple-themed project.

Near the enterance of our warehouse building, the final result of our pineapple-themed project.

Even as non-artistic beginners, our sales team was able to transform ordinary items. All of these transformations were quick, done on our lunch breaks! We used items purchased at a local box store.  

pinapple DIY supplies.jpg



Tommy Art Supplies

  • Tommy Art Metallic Silver
  • Tommy Antiquing Coating
  • Tommy Art Transfer Gel
  • Tommy Art Pearl
  • Tommy Art Sunflower
  • Tommy Art Lime
tommy products for pinapple project.jpg

Before we get into the details of this project, we thought it worth mentioning that the techniques we share can be applied to other projects. Tommy Art is great for experimentation, but it's also a good idea to figure out best practices in advance in order to avoid setbacks. 

Trivet: Yellow and Green

Sarah's idea was to glue the transformed trivet to the canister, which would then be turned into a decorative wine chiller. Before we could do that, Tessa happily tried her hand at applying the mineral paints to the trivet. The metal trivet was surprisingly porous, so a couple of layers were required to solidify the two bright colors on the surface.

painting the pineapple.jpg

Canister: Antiqued Silver

To achieve the antiqued silver look, the golden ceramic canister was first painted with a base color, in this case Tommy Art Brown/Black was applied. The thick quality of the Tommy paint enabled one coat coverage on the shiny surface with no prep. Next, after giving it 20 minutes to dry, the silver paint was lightly applied. Once the silver was dry, a thin layer of the antiquing coating was applied, then wiped off. The coating added some character and filled in the small crevices. 

Silver layered over the antiquing coating.

Silver layered over the antiquing coating.


Time to glue with Better

With Better glue in hand, it's time to adhere the painted metal trivet onto the silver ceramic canister. Gluing ceramic to metal is easy for Better, but not so much for other adhesives. The trick here is to use a nice glob of glue on each foot of the trivet, as well as the points of contact on the canister. Sarah points out that you have to give each glob of glue a minute of exposure to the air before pressing them together. After holding the two pieces together for two minutes to set, the glue was given 24 hours to cure the ceramic canister and metal trivet together.

Coasters: Pearl and Transfer Gel

By far one of the funnest parts of this project is using Transfer Gel. Before we get into that, Tessa painted the wooden coaster with the Pearl metallic paint to give them some shimmer.

While that was drying, we found a nice graphic, printed it off on the standard office printer and cut out the transposed image.

Sarah then applied the transfer gel to the printed side of the paper then pressed the printed design of the golden pineapple face down, using a credit card smooth out the paper so that it fits tightly to the wood. Finally apply more of the transfer gel to the top of the paper to fully saturate the paper.

Leave this to dry overnight. 

Quick & crucial tip: Make sure your printed design is reversed. No special paper is necessary, just use common inkjet printer paper.

transfer gel applied.jpg
transfer gel pinapple coaster.gif

Okay, by the next day the paper and transfer gel will have thoroughly dried. Go ahead and take a moist rag to gently rub away the paper. Take care not to scrape off the transferred design.

Finally, apply a coat of varnish to protect the transfer. We used Tommy Art Glossy Varnish.

pinapple party decor final diy project image.jpg

Project complete!

There you have it. On a sunny blue-skied Friday we celebrated the end of our work week with a chilled glass of white wine. We're by no means artistic geniuses, but with these products - which we happily sell - create customizations that are so simple. Thanks for reading and cheers to Better Glue and Tommy Art!