DIY Fairy Garden Gifts

Lori Craig creates a few gifts for shut-ins in her community with some help from Brenna, her friend's daughter. The Fairy Garden is an easy-to-create gift that is fun to make using a strong adhesive such as BETTER.

1_fairy garden.jpg

I asked one of my favorite little people to help me yesterday with a few gifts for shut-ins in my community - an easy-to-create, no-maintenance, allergy-free gift that I call Fairy Garden  To Go!

I chose Better Ultimate Adhesive for this particular project for several reasons: .

  • Unlike other glues in my junk drawer, Better will not eat away the surface of styrofoam (needs a period at the end) 
  • It is the low-VOC, low-odor adhesive. Better is safe for general crafts and household projects of any scope  for users of any age.

I knew the glue would be safe to use, effective, hold super tight, and not bond any little fingers together in the process.

3_fairy garden.jpg


  • Small flower pots
  • Faux succulents/flowers
  • Small bag of decorative rock
  • Fairy garden accessories
  • Floral styrofoam
  • Better Ultimate Adhesive - Fast

Step 1

Cut styrofoam to fit individual containers. Separate faux succulents and flowers to individual stems. Clip excess wire if needed. Apply Better Ultimate Adhesive to styrofoam before inserting floral wires.

4_Better_Fairy Garden trio.jpg
better solvent styrofoam.jpg

BETTER on styrofoam


Doesn't eat through styrofoam

For anyone who has tried to apply glue to styrofoam before, you know this is a WOW moment. Check out how a solvent-based glues dries on styrofoam compared to Better.




Step 2 

Fill area around styrofoam with decorative rock. Brenna and I applied a small amount of glue to the top layers of our rock. The idea of the fairy garden to go is a small arrangement that won’t spill bits or pieces as you present your gift or as the recipient moves from place to place. 

5_fairy garden.jpg

Step 3 

Fill areas around your greenery and rocks with trinkets from your favorite fairy garden supplies. Secure your individual pieces with a small dab of Better Ultimate Adhesive. Brenna loved these snails!  

6_fairy garden.jpg

Better Ultimate Adhesive is low-odor, low-VOC and non-toxic to humans when used as directed. The adhesive bond of the Fast formula allows 1-2 minutes of work time and then sets quickly. It’s perfect for children  who may “wiggle” things around before being satisfied with a final resting spot. 

7_fairy garden.jpg

After a 24-hour cure time, you are ready to deliver your adorable fairy gardens to friends who need a pick-me-up, but might have allergies or restrictions to live plants ... or snails.

2_fairy garden.jpg