DIY 4th of July Centerpieces

This is a quick and easy project using Tommy Art, resulting in an exciting centerpiece for a 4th of July barbeque party. Made by Tessa and Sarah from our sales team here at Imagination International Inc.

4th of July Tommy Project Complete 4.jpg

Not only does our sales team love to sell, we love sales. You know... good deals -- particularly on stuff for DIY projects!  With upcoming 4th of July parties around the corner, Sarah and Tessa picked up a few candle holders to transform by using colors from the DIY Paint System.

We grabbed some different colors of Tommy Art (discontinued packaging) from the shelves of our warehouse with the intent to spruce up these glass candle holders with Red, White, and Blue!



  • Glass Candle Holders
  • Flat Nylon Paintbrush
  • Tommy Art Ruby
  • Tommy Art English Blue
  • Tommy Art White
4th of July Tommy Project Supplies.jpg

Step one: Ruby and English Blue

The candle holders were a steal at our local craft store. We realized the candle holders looked perfectly fine as is, but in order to function for the 4th, color was needed! This also gave us the chance to see how well the paint adhered to the tinted glass. 

4th of July Tommy Project Step 1.png
4th of July Tommy Project Step 2.jpg
4th of July Tommy Project Step 3.jpg

Tessa quickly realized that a single coat wasn't going to do the job. After letting that first coat dry, she lathered on another layer. Tessa noted,

If you are doing one color, or are taping off parts of a project where you do not want color, you can be much more liberal with the paint and will not need multiple layers. I was free handing these and wanted to maintain clear crisp lines so I used less paint. One coat would have been sufficient if I had taped off my project!

Lessons learned. 

Step two: Diamond details

The plan for newly painted candle holders is an inexpensive 4th of July centerpiece. These aren't for candles, anymore. After the red and blue dried, Tessa began to delicately add the white accents to highlight the diamond pattern in the center. 

The existing black diamonds made for an easy canvas to work within and gave off a stars on the flag vibe. Liberally dabbing white Tommy into the center of the diamonds made for a quick and easy patriotic project
4th of July Tommy Project Step 4.jpg
4th of July Tommy Project Step 5.jpg

Step three: Set the centerpieces

These renovated candle holders are ready to party! With her professional experience with decorating for parties and weddings, Tessa arranged the cheap chachkies into quite the display. Each of the three completed pieces could sit at individual tables, or together at a large table.

4th of July Tommy Project Complete 1-v2.jpg

If these aren't sparkly enough for you, use Pearl Shine instead of White or Sparkle Paint with your blues and reds for a little extra pop!

Either way, these 4th of July centerpieces are sure to spark some smiles before the fireworks begin.