DIY Wand Sculptures Using Thibra [Video]

Using the innovative thermoplastic material known as Thibra, our very own Matt Brundage shows how to sculpt a wand -- just for fun! In this seriously silly video, you'll learn some of the basic techniques of working with this moldable plastic. Anybody can create a wand, which makes this an easy and enjoyable class idea for stores to showcase the power of this unique product!

Supplies to sculpt a wand with Thibra

  • Heat gun

  • PAM cooking spray, or similar non-stick spray

  • Wooden carving tool

  • Wood dowel or stick

  • Super Sculpey Ceramic for texture (optional)

Tips from the video

  • You don't have to know how to sculpt.

  • "Have fun" and "Be true to yourself".

  • Thin layers of Thibra are easiest to heat.

  • A silicone mat working surface is a good idea.

  • Thibra won't stick to objects coated with cooking spray.