DIY Bar Cart For Your Apartment

An old telephone stand destined for the dump became a fun inspiration for a small, studio apartment bar cart. Inspired by Pantone’s Color of the Year, Lori Craig paired Tommy Art Plum Mineral Paint with beautiful Copper Metallic. Colors are a perfect complement in this downtown Kansas City warehouse district studio. 

Tommy ART DIY Bar Cart Room View Cropped.jpg

I’m not sure why this old telephone stand was still in our storage area, except for as rough as the finish appears in the  before photo below, the small table is very sturdy. Before I get into how I transformed it into a fun bar cart, here are the materials I used.




Other materials

  • Plant stand salvaged from area barn

  • 2” soft bristle brush

  • Small stipple brush for applying Metallic color

  • Swivel Casters (4)

  • Glass top - custom cut at my local glass supply for less than $10

  • Electronic cutter (Sizzix eClips2 used here) or cutting blade

Imagination International Materials

  • Tommy Art Plum Mineral Paint

  • Tommy Art Glossy Varnish

  • Tommy Art Copper Metallic Paint

  • X-Press It Stencil Sheet


Step one: Prepare the surface if necessary

Because the varnish was peeling from the top, I hit it softly with 220-grit sandpaper to remove loose varnish, and I cleaned up the dust with a cloth, damp with vinegar water. 

Tommy ART DIY Bar Cart DIY Cart Before.jpg
paint coating for diy wine carts.png

Step two: Paint and seal

The first step was installation of wine glass holders under the top shelf. Then I proceeded to paint with Tommy Art Plum Color. For a super smooth and even finish, I applied two coats to the top shelf because I had spots of bare wood and some spots still covered in previous finish.  

Once dry, I sealed the paint with a coat of clear Tommy Art Glossy Varnish. 

Step three: Create the monogram

Metallic Monograms four steps.jpg

Next, I wanted to personalize my piece, and I cut a monogram using the Sizzix eClips2 and one X-Press It Stencil Sheet. (If using the eClips2 with our Stencil Sheets, use the cut setting for shrink plastic (10 mil) to achieve proper blade depth and pressure.) Paint following stepped instructions above.

Step four: Metallic accents

Tommy ART DIY Bar Cart Cart Copper Edge.jpg
Tommy ART DIY Bar Cart DIY Cart Close Up.jpg

I added a metallic accent around the top and bottom shelf edges with Tommy Art Copper Metallic Paint.

Add swivel casters to the four legs, cover with glass liner to protect from future spills and condensation - then invite a few friends over and find your wine bottle opener!