DIY Bathroom Cabinet Remodel

Have you priced a 1985 bathroom remodel? Lori Craig has and in this tutorial she shows you how she cut some pricey corners with quick and easy DIY bathroom renovation.

Bathroom Renovation - Tommy Art Before After.png

Ever priced a 1985 bathroom remodel? I have. You learn to pick spending priorities quickly. When it comes to bathroom cabinets, let me show you how I cut some pricey corners with the Tommy Art DIY Paint System.  

A list of priorities on this project can be seen in the before and after photo above. Much of the remodel was entrusted to a contractor. The negotiables, however, were shower and linen cabinet replacements. This DIY tutorial focuses on the bathroom cabinets. 

Bathroom Cabinet 9B.png

The linen cabinet replacement estimate was over $1200, and with Tommy Art DIY Paint System, I did the work myself with a tiny fraction of that amount invested in supplies.

Bathroom Cabinet 8A.png

The goal in painting the cabinet was to mix a feel of older accents with the new decorative tiles and finishes. Tommy Art gave me just the right look. I love how it turned out. Husband loved the pricetag. Win-win!

In case you're curious, the shower had clean lines, clear glass and was in good condition. The tile accents were the problem. To save thousands, our contractor also gave us a great option for the shower by chipping away the dated chair rail accent tile in the shower and re-trimming in plain white tiles. I did that myself in about four hours with a Dremel tool and $16 worth of tile. Now, onto I repainted the cabinets.

First, the SUPPLIES

I already owned my brushes. Total product investment for the project $104 MSRP.


Imagination International Materials

  • Tommy Art Mud Mineral Paint
  • Tommy Art Cashmere Mineral Paint
  • Tommy Art Bar Wax
  • Tommy Art Neutral Wax

Raw Materials

  • Bathroom cabinets 
  • Soft bristle, quality paintbrush 
  • Thick bristle, rounded wax brush 
  • 220-grit sandpaper 

Step One: Wipe cabinets down

Wipe cabinets down with mild vinegar water to clean any furniture polish or oil residue and allow to dry. Honey… the officially unofficial cabinet color of the 1980s.

Bathroom Cabinet 1A.jpg

Step two: Base layer

Remove cabinet doors and hardware. On this cabinet we wanted a slightly worn appearance on the finished cabinet. Using two contrasting colors of paint and Tommy Art wax easily delivers. The base layer of paint used here is Tommy Art Cashmere Mineral Paint.

Bathroom Cabinet 2B.jpg

Step three: Paint both sides and dry

Paint one side of each door. Tommy Art Mineral paint levels as it dries, but using a nice soft bristle brush will minimize strokes even more.  

Allow to dry 1-2 hours, flip and paint back side. Paint exterior of the cabinet. 

Paint will be dry to touch in 30-60 minutes. Allow to cure for 24 hours. 

Bathroom Cabinet 2C.jpg

Step four: Wax coating

Apply Neutral Wax by Tommy Art with a folded corner of a soft towel. Gently dip folded corner of soft cloth into Neutral Wax and brush along high edges and corner grooves.

Bathroom Cabinet 3B.JPG

Step five: Second layer

Repeat step 2 with Tommy Art Mud Mineral Paint. Allow to cure. 

You’ll be amazed at how far your paint will stretch. This cabinet is 87” tall x 33” wide x 20” deep, and this is what is left over in 750ml can when finished with the project. 

Bathroom Cabinet 4A.jpg
Bathroom Cabinet 4B.jpg

Step six: Sanding to distress

When paint has cured, using 220-grit sandpaper to gently sand raised edges where wax was applied to very lightly distress top coat of Mud Mineral Paint and reveal Cashmere Mineral Paint underneath. 

Wipe with slightly damp cloth to remove and fine dust. 

Bathroom Cabinet 5A.jpg

Step seven: Neutral wax

Now to protect painted surface with soft Tommy Art Neutral Wax that hardens to protect as it cures. 

Use a rounded, thick bristle wax brush to apply Tommy Art Neutral wax in circular motion to surface area of cabinet and doors. Allow wax to rest 20-30 minutes and buff with soft cloth to bring out slight shine on protective wax coat. 

Bathroom Cabinet 6A.jpg


Re-apply cabinet doors. The dry time was the most time-consuming of this project. The cabinet was done over the course of 3 days with about 2 ½ hours of work per day. 

Congrats you did it!

Pat yourself on the back for saving thousands on beautiful DIY that mixes into a full bath renovation project seamlessly!

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