DIY Sparkle Paint Christmas Ornament

Sparkle paint by Tommy Art is perfect for making Christmas decorations that shimmer and shine. In this video tutorial, Lori Craig demonstrates her DIY paint technique.

Sparkle Ornament Finished.jpg

Ornament Exchange?

Every December I attend an ornament exchange with my BUNCO girls. This year, I am committed to handmade holidays, and wanted to create something fun with Tommy ART.

Above all ornaments should sparkle, and Tommy ART Sparkle is the perfect product to bring shimmer and shine to any project - no matter the season or color palette. Tommy Art Sparkle is a pearlized liquid medium that can be mixed with any Tommy Art mineral paint colors to create a shimmery effect. Because you will be sanding the finish, pieces with large open areas work best for this technique.


  • Tommy Art Mineral Color - lime and fushia used here

  • Tommy Art Sparkle

  • Portion cups

  • Craft sticks

  • Paintbrushes - the softer the bristles, the smoother your finished painted surface will look

  • Fine-grit sandpaper - 220 used here

  • Sponge or towel - damp

  • Wood base

  • Tommy ART Neutral Wax - optional


  1. Open both the mineral color and the Sparkle. Stir both well.

  2. In a small portion cup, mix 5 parts Tommy Art color and 1 part Sparkle. For consistent color, mix well before use. (Once mixed, a slight lightening of the Tommy Art mineral paint color is normal.)

  3. Paint with long smooth strokes over the surface of your project. Allow to dry completely. Tommy ART paint dries quickly, but a hair or craft dryer can be used to speed up the process. Please use caution with a dryer not to apply intense heat to a concentrated area. Overheating can buckle or strip painted surfaces. TIP: To clean brushes, wipe any excess paint with paper towel, rinse brushes with warm water.

  4. Buff dry painted piece with find-grit sandpaper to release the shimmer of Tommy ART Sparkle.

  5. Use damp sponge or towel to remove sanding dust.

  6. Optional final step: protect with coat of Tommy ART Neutral Wax. Brush wax over surface, allow to wax to rest until not tacky. Buff with a soft, clean cloth.


I hope you’ll give this fun technique a try! Better yet, the entire project can be executed in under an hour - even with dry time, purchase several bases and invite a few friends over to create! You’ll love your time spent together, and everyone will LOVE going home with a DIY project to enjoy herself or gift-away!

sparkle ornament_close up.jpg