Imagination International's #CopicColors Campaign Engages Community

You may not follow Copic Marker on social media, but if you did, you’d notice a colorful campaign has taken hold of the fan community. Led by the creative team at Imagination International Inc., the big campaign idea for 2018, called #CopicColors, has ignited an explosion of user-generated content, all of it made with only three of these high quality markers.

For the #CopicColors kickoff in January, artists created in B91, BV02 and V17 -- the color codes for a Pale Grayish Blue, Prune, and Amethyst, respectively. Subsequent months had their own three-color palettes. For April, participating artists are limited to using E04 (Lipstick Natural), E41 (Pearl White), and E74 (Cocoa Brown), as seen in the image above. Get the idea?

What are known as "three marker challenges" have been a popular activity among Copic fans for several years now, so Imagination International Inc, the distributor of Copic in the US and Canada, decided to join in the fun. In January, artists were encouraged to create in B91, BV02 and V17 (these are the color codes that label each marker in the Copic system). In February it was RV32, RV34, and E74. March was G17, YG17, and YG23.

The campaign is simple: engage the growing community through social media to highlight what is possible with only three markers. Hundreds—if not thousands—of artists have joined in the three marker experience, sharing to the #CopicColors hashtag. Rebecca Pirwitz, who has been coordinating the outreach and social media, said the following of the campaign:

It's been really exciting to see the engagement with Copic's online community through #CopicColors. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and it's been growing each month. I can't wait to see where it's at by the end of the year.

Imagination International Inc. has already seen a measurable increase in customer engagement and traffic from social media. In March, to boost the impact of the campaign the company produced a limited edition three pack of markers for customers to buy. Because of the demand, Copic fans can expect to see more three packs in upcoming months.

With the growth of the campaign, the creative team at Imagination International Inc intends to continue its search for popular and interesting artists based in the United States and Canada. Artists that are interested in collaborating with Copic are encouraged to contact Rebecca and the social media team with examples of their art and links to their social channels.