Important Copic Business Update

Please read the following letter from John Darland, President of Imagination International Inc. concerning our relationship with the manufacturer of Copic. Please feel free to contact us about pricing on our remaining inventory of all Copic markers and supplies. Thank you.

Dear III Friends,

It is with great sadness that I am sending you this note. 20 years ago Imagination International brought you the brand Copic. At that time, Copic was non-existent in North America. We have spent 2 decades of our lives dedicated to this brand. We have built a strong business around it, we have built strong education for our youth around it, and we have changed lives in communities around the country. Frankly, with your help, we have created one of the most demanded brands in the art, craft and hobby markets.

Beyond the above, we are extremely thankful for all of you. We strongly believe that people and relationships are the most important and far beyond the business we have created, those friendships are what we are most proud of. We are proud to have been able to develop a brand that helped make your businesses successful. We are proud to have done our very best in light of Too Marker’s frequent inability to supply enough product for the demand we created. We are proud of the countless lives that we were able to affect through our programs that helped spread creativity and the love of art no matter what medium was used. We appreciate that you stuck with us when times were tough and that you celebrated with us in our successes.

Too Marker is now under new management and the 3rd generation of the family has taken over. This management has a different strategy and tactic for the brand of Copic. Without giving my opinion here, I will simply say that this strategy does not align with the values and principles of III, myself or my staff. Too Marker has decided to cut III out of the business and work directly with the customers that we have built over the past 20 years. In the very near future, III will not be able to support any of you with the brand and we will cease any marketing or support of the brand as well. This is very hard for us because the entire III family has put their hearts and souls into making this brand what it is today, not only in North America but around the world.

As you know, III was given a 30% increase on average for Copic brands that started January of 2018. Unlike Europe, III waited an entire year to increase our prices while trying to negotiate something better with Too Marker. We absorbed this price increase and it was extremely hard for us as you could imagine.


Although this is very difficult for us as we have had to lay off many employees and shut down parts of our business, we are excited for the future. We hope to maintain our relationships with you in supporting our other brands, such as Tommy Art, X-Press It, Thibra, Terial Magic and Better Ultimate Adhesive.

As for wrapping up our Copic inventory, we will be sending out a notice within a few days listing special pricing to give you an opportunity to make sure you have adequate product stock during this transition.

III will be at NAMTA this year and we hope to see you there. We would love to talk with you and thank you in person for a fantastic 20 years, and to share the brands we will support for the next 20 years.


John Darland, President & CEO

Imagination International, Inc.



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