A Stronger, Non-Toxic Glue

BETTER Ultimate Adhesive is a strong, versatile and non-toxic glue.

BETTER works for everyone, on everything. Seriously.

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Why Better Ultimate Adhesive?


Non Toxic

Most adhesives have failed to respond to the rising customer preference for non-toxic glue, but not ours.

BETTER is non-solvent based and low VOC. This is the safe, odorless glue that customers want.


Strong & Durable

Customers are tired of buying different adhesives to bond different surfaces and materials. It's annoying.

BETTER lives up to its name because of its strong bond to Wood, Metal, Glass, Plastic, Styrofoam, Paper and more.

Fast Dry

Fast Dry

For those customers in need of quick repairs, we have a fast dry glue which is our most popular option. 

BETTER knows that not all customers need speed, however, that's why we have an Extended Dry version, too.



Customers needed more than an 'indoor only' adhesive. A glue for great outdoors has come.

BETTER is waterproof and can withstand extreme hot and cold. It's shockproof all year round.


Too good to be true? 

Well, that's what makes BETTER, better

Now for our last, lesser-known selling point: BETTER lasts longer. We're talking a two year shelf life. And because we know customers hate finding old, stuck-together bottles of glue in their junk drawers, we thought they might like the clog resistant cap. Not bad, huh?


Non-toxic to humans when used as directed.

BETTER is compliant with RoHS, REACH, and CA Prop 65. (No warning needed!)

SDS for Fast Dry and Extended Dry


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